5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Talent Attraction

The hiring process to fill a vacancy or a newly opened position in a company/business can be complicated and stressful for those in charge of it. A great effort must be made to attract, examine, interview and get an ideal candidate for the position. Even after all these stages, we sometimes end up choosing people who do not fit with the expected and the recruitment process has to start over.

We both know that the backbone of every company lies in its staffs recruited. Therefore, it is essential to take the recruitment process very seriously, as it would either uplift the company to greater heights or lead to the downfall of the company.

“The only vital value that a company has is the experience, skills, innovation and knowledge of its employees.” – Leif Edvinsson

The process of finding candidates for a position in an organization is a huge task that requires a veritable and pragmatic approach. It is one that involves the expertise of an agency that will espouse the nature of the recruitment process. The work of the HR (Human resources) personnel is to bring out the potential and quality of the employee. The diverse in the work of the Human resource personnel approach towards recruitment is a pertinent issue.

The areas to look into when considering recruitment are:

· The challenges of internal recruitment

· The benefits of using recruitment agencies.

The Challenges of Internal Recruitment
Yes, internal recruitment has its benefits. However, just as there is white, there is black. To all positive, there is a negative. So, before deciding on whether or not to carry out internal recruitment, it is necessary to consider that it is not always beneficial, for the collaborator or the company. And the following five Challenges of internal recruitment should be considered.

  1. Limited talent

There are only a few talents available in the company, so there is no opportunity to strengthen it with the contribution of new talents. Additionally, not any member of the organization can hold any position, but only those who in the short term effectively match or exceed the same functions as the previous occupant.

  1. Equivocal reward

If there is a promotion only by seniority or favoritism, employees could assume that even if they have poor performance, they could aspire to something better, just by staying in the company or creating friendly ties with someone decisive. And this could even discourage, especially those talents whose performance is outstanding and may not be well recognized.

  1. Training and Development

An adequate professional development plan must be provided to train employees so that at the time of taking the position, they will have the capacity to carry out the relevant functions. Mind you; there would be a possible risk of demotivating and frustrating employees regarding their ambitions if the organization does not provide these development opportunities. And this will cause apathy, disinterest and possible escape of talent, due to the lack of opportunities to grow within the organization.

  1. Inaccuracies

When promoted collaborators fail to perform their duties satisfactorily, there is no possibility of returning them to their previous position. So they are most likely to get fired by a hasty movement or a bad decision or HR planning. Or, the person stagnates, once he is not competent for the position he performs and will not have the conditions to continue growing within the organization. Besides, it may be the case that the collaborator works with a boss who frowns at the development of any of his subordinates, out of fear of getting replaced or outshined by one of them. And this very factor can limit the growth of any organization

  1. Too much familiarity with processes and collaborators

The company can enter into a stagnation of ideas, policies and processes which leads to a rigid organizational culture, which resists change, losing creativity and innovation. On the other hand, the familiarity that an employee once had with his peers can diminish his authority when they become subordinates.

Here are some other challenges of internal recruitment:

i. Lack of diversity: a business grows with your ability to move with the times. Irrespective of training and new courses offered to previous staffs; it is nothing compared to qualifications from other individuals whom you have not come across yet. This is, therefore, a call to bring in someone new, of different ethnicity, background, or even age to help spice up your business.

ii. Stagnation: we all know as a company, you have standards, the majority of which is adhered to by staffs, which acts as a status quo for how things are done. Having a standard for doing things is right; however, operating within the confines of a particular way of doing things might not allow the flow of new ideas. This might leave you stagnated and at a competitive disadvantage.

iii. Potential animosity among staffs: the effectiveness of the workplace is dependent on collective harmony amongst staffs. This can be threatened by internal recruitment. If one person is favoured over another whenever there is an opening, it will lead to disorders in the workplace which would affect operations.

The Benefits of Using Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment is a critical area for any business: provision of adequate staff for the right job will grow your business the right way. As simple as it may seem, recruitment consists in identifying exactly what you are looking for in a candidate who will occupy a specific position within the company and then go on the search for the right person for that job. Today hiring can be done both traditionally online, as well as personal; however, reputable employment agencies, such as https://www.peopleedgeconsulting.co.ke offer certain advantages over conventional ones in your area.

Below are the five reasons why you should consider hiring through a recruitment agency.

· Hiring – The fast and simple way

· Time and money saved

· Availability of candidates

· Specific Search Information

· You can hire from anywhere in the world

· Hiring – The fast and simple way

If you are looking to hire an employee or find a job and time is the essence, a hiring agency will serve your needs quickly and efficiently. In a market that is dynamic and changing, literally, every minute, applicants and employees need to stay ahead of the competition. You have to move as fast as possible to maximize your chances of success. Recruitment agencies can offer better time management for employers and matching candidates based on defined criteria and skills, which greatly reduces the amount of time lost in filing or reviewing inappropriate applications.

· Time and money saved

Recruitment agencies often charge a simple, flat rate for the services provided by them. There are no problems with negotiating advertising, selection, etc. fees and it will save you time and money when hiring with an agency compared to an ad paid in a newspaper or time wasted in recruiting internal employees.

· Availability of candidates

One of the biggest advantages of online recruitment is widespread publicity and the availability of candidates. The number of companies and employment opportunities that appear online for applicants generates a broad list of candidates for companies to consider. For an employer, it is best to access a larger pool of qualified personnel for hire.

· Specific Search Information

Online recruitment agencies empower recruiters or employers, with the option to search for specific information. Most times, when people were looking for a job, no attention was paid to the required qualifications. Usually, this bad practice or trend, whatever one chooses to call it, is a waste of time and money for the employer. You can avoid this by using an agency, as they are responsible for the preliminary selection of candidates for you before you even see them in their database

· You can hire from anywhere in the world

If you are planning to attract the best talent from around the world and try to build a diverse workforce, then an online recruitment agency is definitely for you. If you have a presence in several places around the world and are looking to meet the needs of staff, online agencies take care of this for you and give you almost instant access to job seekers from anywhere or according to location indications.

Bottom Line

Let’s face it; recruitment is a key factor which determines the direction of operations in a company. Hire the right set of individuals, and you find yourself as well as your company bursting with new ideas and moving rapidly in the right direction, hire the wrong set of people and you find yourself tasked with trying to hire a new set of people, something which should have been concluded at the very first trial.

Since this is a significant factor that determines progress and direction, it would be a wise decision to leave your recruitment process in the hands of a competent and reputable recruitment company.

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