Competency Framework Development

Competency Development – Linking Company Objectives and Personal Performance

Competency Development- define the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that workers need to perform their roles effectively

Competencies are observable abilities, skills knowledge, motivations or traits defined in terms of behaviors needed for successful job performance. Properly designed, competencies translate the strategic vision and goals for the organization into behaviors or actions employees must display for the organization to be successful.

Benefits of Using Competency Model

There are some useful benefits of using competency model for the company, managers, and employees as well.

For the company, these benefits are:

reinforce corporate strategy, culture, and vision.
provide a common understanding of the scope and requirements of a specific role.
provide common, organization-wide standards for career levels that enable employees to move across business boundaries.
establish expectations for performance excellence, resulting in a systematic approach to professional development, improved job satisfaction, and better employee retention.
increase the effectiveness of training and professional development programs by linking them to the success criteria (i.e., behavioral standards of excellence).
provide a common framework and language for discussing how to implement and communicate key strategies.

For Managers, the benefits are:

identify performance criteria to improve the accuracy and ease of the hiring and selection process.
provide more objective performance standards.
clarify standards of excellence for easier communication of performance expectations to direct reports.
provide a clear foundation for dialogue to occur between the manager and employee about performance, development, and career-related issues.

For Employees, the benefits are:

identify the success criteria (i.e., behavioral standards of performance excellence) required to be successful in their role.
support a more specific and objective assessment of their strengths and specify targeted areas for professional development.
provide development tools and methods for enhancing their skills.
provide the basis for a more objective dialogue with their manager or team about performance, development, and career related issues.

Our team of professionals will assist you to develop competency architecture comprised of leadership competencies, job specific competencies, job family competencies and core competencies based on your company vision and values.

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