Culture and Leadership Diagnostics

Culture & Leadership Diagnostics based on Denison organizational culture survey, Denison Leadership Potential Reports and Denison 360 degrees survey

People Edge Consulting have partnered with Denison Consulting LLC who have developed what many regard as the world’s best organizational culture and leadership surveys, with proven capabilities in helping organizations measure, monitor and enhance their organizational and leadership effectiveness. Based on the Denison Model, the propriety surveys tools are designed to help organizations diagnose specific areas of strength and weakness, and help build accountability — all to support the development of a high-performing organization. The surveys measure specific characteristics of culture and Leadership competencies that drive important business outcomes such as profit growth, sales growth, customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality. The surveys are translated, localized and deployed in 50 languages. Denison has developed a series of global normative databases to support the benchmarked scoring of each of its assessment products. These databases provide a robust and valid point of comparison for standardized scoring, and most importantly, an intuitive and actionable framework for interpreting assessment results.

Denison Organizational Culture Survey

Using the Denison Organizational Culture and leadership Survey, organizations are able to benchmark their organizational culture scores against a global database and develop a proposed strategy to improve their current practices.

Denison Leadership Potential Reports

This is a new product that provides a statistically valid prediction of leadership potential. This is accomplished by aligning an individual’s inherent leader attributes—as measured by Hogan assessment tools—to the twelve leadership competencies defined by the Denison Leadership Development Model.

Denison 360 Degrees Survey

The Denison Leadership Development 360 measures a leader’s performance on a set of 12 leadership behaviors linked to high performing business cultures. Based on the Denison Model, this 360 degree assessment benchmarks an individual’s leadership and management skills to those of leaders in other organizations.

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