What Is an HRIS

An HRIS helps those in HR departments or otherwise running a company to organize and track employees. One of the key components of an HRIS is managing payroll, but these systems are not limited to that. Those using the software will be able to manage employee performance, track competency and set training schedules. The system becomes the central place where employee data is held, making it the streamlined hub for human resources teams to handle any situation that arises with an employee in an organized and documented manner.

Benefits of an HRIS

Getting a reputable HRIS can significantly benefit your company. Here are some key benefits of using an HRIS software solution:

Organization: An HRIS keeps personnel data on hand and easily accessible. Folders store files in an organized fashion that helps HR administrators find what they need in a flash.
Regulatory compliance: Automated onboarding and off boarding protocols make businesses less likely to encounter compliance issues.
Positive face to employees: The employee portal gives employees access to information that they would otherwise need to contact someone for. This saves everyone time and is a good way to engage employees and keep them happy.

Meet peopleHum: Your partner in building high performing organizations 

Managing human resources isn’t just about tools and data—it’s about understanding people. At its core, peopleHum knows this well. Designed for forward thinking leaders, our platform shifts the focus back to where it truly belongs: on nurturing and managing talent. 

peopleHum makes employee management a conversation rather than a one-way directive. Every feature, from real-time feedback and performance appraisals to personalized learning paths, is crafted with the employee at its core. Recruitment, performance reviews, and learning opportunities are personalized, ensuring that every individual is not just a part of the organization but genuinely engaged and invested.

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