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ISO 30414:2018 Certification Consulting Services

An organization is only as good as its people – which is why the workforce of a company is often one of its largest costs. But measuring the true return on that investment can be a tricky business. It just got a lot easier with the first International Standard for human capital reporting.

There are many different HR management systems and processes aimed at maximizing the return on investment in staff, but they vary from business to business and country to country, making it difficult to accurately benchmark and be internationally relevant. A new ISO standard just published provides globally agreed ways of doing just that.

ISO 30414:2018 provides guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting (HCR). The objective is to consider and to make transparent the human capital contribution to the organization in order to support the sustainability of the workforce. The standard is applicable to all organizations, regardless of the type, size, nature, or complexity of the business, whether in the public, private or voluntary sector, or a not-for-profit organization.

There are 11 core areas in ISO 30414 which in turn cover 60 metrics. The Core Areas are:

Compliance and ethics
Organisational Culture
Organisational Health, Safety and Wellbeing
Recruitment, Mobility and Turnover
Skills and Capabilities
Succession Planning
Workforce Availability

The Certification Process

In a first step, we record the current situation of your Human Capital Reporting and check whether it is in line with your corporate strategy. We then compare the current situation with the requirements of ISO 30414 that are relevant to you. The next step is to derive potential recommendations for action. In addition, we will provide you with an individual estimate of the expected expenses for the implementation of the Human Capital Reporting standard.


As part of a consulting project, we support you in the implementation of the Human Capital Reporting standard – from detailed analysis to implementation, we are happy to advise and support you!

How will your Organizations Benefit from ISO 30414:2018 Certification? Upon certification, your organization will be able to:
  • increase transparency for your stakeholders
  • compare human capital investments with outcomes
  • develop a strategy for people-led growth
  • demonstrate compliance against legislation
  • recognize the value of your human capital
  • evaluate the value your people management
  • implement suitable metrics to evaluate your human capital strategy
  • improve organisational efficiencies
  • sustain a relevant workforce that you need

Our consulting services

We have partnered with HCM Metrics to support you in implementing the requirements of the new Human Capital Reporting standard. The introduction of the Human Capital Reporting standard is not just about the implementation of key figures, it is more about a process that needs to be set up and established. For a targeted use of the guideline, Human Capital Reporting must be embedded in the strategic corporate context and the standard must be implemented in a purposive manner.

We are happy to advise and support you on this journey!

Feel free to contact our expert directly for more information about our human capital reporting consulting services:

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